Hola, I'm Diego.
Digital Strategist & Student of Life

I specialize in connecting brands, ideas, and stories with people through digital campaigns that resonate in the market and make a measurable impact. I’m passionate about design, new technologies, education, civic engagement and collaborating with people that give a damm. Let’s build something meaningful and worth sharing together.


Digital Strategy

Develop a strategy based on sound research to help your company achieve its bussiness goals by crafting the right message and reaching the right people

Social & Paid Media

Develop social media ads and optimize your campaing reach for awareness, consideration and/or conversion.

Search Optimization and PPC

Improve the online visibility of your website by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic and paid search.

UX/Web Design

Craft beautiful device-agnostic websites in compliance with accessibility standards and using UX/UI best practices.


Create highly targeted native placements on premium digital publishers using proprietary data to help you drive results, whether you are looking to generate awareness, engagement, or conversions.

Data Insights

Process large sets of data and turn numbers into insights. Translate insights into actions that can drive business impact.