Metropolis Films


Film Production

I worked as a Production Manager providing production services in South America to dozens of international ad agencies, juggling multiple projects at once. From hiring personnel to budgeting and scheduling, I liaised with the creative team and local crew to make sure that production ran smoothly and on time. Some of the projects I worked for include Coca Cola, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, AT&T, PepsiCo, and UNICEF.

Metropolis Films is an international audiovisual production network with offices in Uruguay, Argentina and Puerto Rico.


Role: Production Manager
Locations: New York
Year: 2016

With a very limited budget, I was able to translate the storyboard submitted by the agency in Uruguay to real New York locations and to negotiate legal access to all filming locations. The campaign consists of 3 different ads that show the Uruguayan musician, Jaime Ross, exploring different corners of the world (China, Italy, India, and Uruguay) in New York City.

The NZ Lottery
Role: Producer
Locations: Uruguay
Year: 2008

When the New Zealand Lottery needed to recreate scenes from the Second World War for the new ad campaign they choose Uruguay because of its well preserved historical locations, diverse talent and affordable budget. The shoot took place in Colonia del Sacramento, a small city in southwestern Uruguay, 30 minutes from Buenos Aires, known for its cobblestoned Barrio Histórico, lined with buildings from its time as a Portuguese settlement.

Role: Producer
Locations: Uruguay
Year: 2009