Joseph's Machines


Joseph's Machines


Digital Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, Paid Media, Video Production and Optimization


Facebook Bussiness Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Premiere


Joseph Herscher is a YouTube celebrity that specializes in making comical chain-reaction machines. His videos have been viewed by millions of people online and his audience on social and YouTube has grown consistently thanks to his organic reach and engaging content.

In 2018, Facebook anounced changes to its News Feed algorithm to prioritize content from friends, family and groups. These changes impacted organic reach for Facebook Pages, Joseph's main source of video views and subscribers.


Mitigate decrease in organic reach by optimizing video content in order to increase engagement rate, video retention and conversion rate.


Optimize video content for Facebook, differenciate content creative for YouTube and incorporate paid media tactics to increase total reach.

Video Optimization Example & Results
  • +87m Video Views
  • 823k Interactions
  • You can check out the results on Facebook